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Frontend Engineer @ Backbase

Skyrocket the performance of your Angular app by enabling SSR and PWA

TL;DR What are SSR and PWA? Why would you want to enable SSR and PWA for your application? Well, if you want a fast and high-performance solid app that also supports working offline + SEO you should start considering using them.

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For the ones who see any of those terms…

Boost quality, maintainability and readability of your code

TL;DR Why would you bother to write pure functions? Do you really need to establish high cohesion and low coupling? Well, if you want a clean and high-quality code that has easy maintainability you must. Period.

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For the people who sees any of those terms for the first time, it…

I am sure most of you have encountered a problem that made you use ViewChild to come up with a solution. I am not going to explain what ViewChild does in Angular. Just to give an idea for novices, it is a method to pass data from child to parent…

This article mainly focuses on the configuration in VSCode.

It would be nice, to begin with, a nice quotation: “There is sometimes an incorrect assumption that the parser itself is what does everything necessary to facilitate the use of ESLint with TypeScript. …

Ammar Merakli

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